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Smoke Persian Breeders

World wide listing, by cattery name

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Cattery:  Fairy 4 U     (CFA)

Location:  Germany (Hagen)

Name:  Ulrike Knüppel

Web Site:  Fairy 4 U

E-mail:  Ulrike

Description:  We've been breeding Persians for 12 years. We are a small cattery - we are breeding according to the principle that quality is more important than quantity. Our cats live with us in the whole house - they are non-caged and bred and raised with a lot of love and care! We breed only with PKD neg. tested cats and we will continue to test the offspring for higher certainty!! If there are any questions or if you are interested in a kitten don't hesitate to contact us!

Fairy 4 U Always On My Mind
Fairy 4 U Always On My Mind
Red Smoke male kitten


Cattery:  Fare Niente

Location:  Portugal

Name:  José Ribeiro/José Dias

Web Site:  Fare Niente

E-mail:  J. Ribeiro & J. Dias

Description:  We are a small Portuguese cattery. We breed solids whites some times bicolours but what we really love to breed are Smokes.

EC Tequilla Fare Niente
EC Tequilla Fare Niente
Black Smoke Male


Cattery:  Felis Rex     (FIFe)

Location:  Portugal (Espinho)

Name:  Manuela Pinto, Domingos Moreira, Dulce Peralta

Web Site:  Felis Rex

E-mail:  Pinto & Moreira & Peralta

Description:  We breed persian since 1998. We breed mostly smokes, but also have some solids. We are FIFE Members.

CH Gata Felis REx
CH Gata Felis Rex
Black Smoke Female


Cattery:  Flaming Stars     (CFA)


Location:  Denmark

Name:  Ingrid Madsen

Web Site: 
Flaming Stars/Flamestars

E-mail:   Ingrid

Description:  Small none caged  cattery breeding Persians & Exotics  since 1993 in solids, smoke, silver, tabby and bicolour, we are located in Denmark, CFA registered and certified PKD negative. My goal is to breed healthy cats, with heavy boning, and a nice open expression.

Flamestars Heaven Send You
Flamestars Heaven Send You
Exotic Blue-Cream Smoke & White


Cattery:   Forchin     (CFA)

Location:  USA  (Northern Virginia)

Name:  Carol Brandwein

Web SiteForchin


Description:  Small In home cattery. Health guaranteed, PKD tested. Willing to help the beginner breeder. Nationally known lines. Located 25 miles south of Washington DC.  I have been breeding and showing for 15 years.

GC Forchin Do-Wah-Ditty
GC Forchin Do-Wah-Ditty
Calico Smoke
Two show grand
CFA National & Regional Color Award
Best Smoke/Van Smoke & White Persian
for 2003


Cattery:  Gaban

Location:  Germany

Name:  Andreas & Gabriele Lüppens

Web Site:  Gaban

E-mail:  Andreas & Gabriele

Description:  We are a CFA registered Cattery in the north of Germany five minutes to the north Sea. We are breeding smokes since 1990 since 5 years also silvertabbies.

Gaban's Easy Rider
Gaban's Easy Rider
Black Smoke Kitten


Cattery:  Gemmingstal Cattery     (CFA)

Location: Germany

Name:  Roland Schichtholz

Web Site:   Gemmingstal

E-mail:  Roland

Description:  We are breeding quality smoke kittens in Persians and Exotics. All our cats are
PKD negative. We are FIFe Members and also
CFA reg. Cattery.

CH Gemmingstal's Moonlight)
CH Gemmingstal's Moonlight
Smoke Tortie Exotic
Photo © Chanan


Cattery:  Gepurz Persians     (CFA)

Location:  Canada (Ontario)

Name:  Joan Gee

Web Site:  Gepurz

E-mail:  Joan

Description:  We are a small cattery, breeding for type and disposition.  Our collection of smoke gems is unique.  All cats are PKD tested and negative.  Our babies are raised with our family.

Gepurz Cotton Ginney
Gepurz Cotton Ginney
Black Smoke Female Kitten


Cattery:  Gipsypride's     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Heidi Burmester

Web Site:  Gipsypride's

E-mail:  Heidi

Description:  Breeding Smokes, Silver Tabby and Tabby since 1985.

Gipsypride's Zabrina
Gipsypride's Zabrina
Tortie Smoke


Cattery:  Hedwig

Location:  Canada (St Thomas, Ontario)

Name:  Sandra Churchill-Reis

Web Site:  Hedwig

E-mail:  Sandra

Description:  We have been showing and breeding since 1989 in both CFA and CCA.  Then six years ago we choose to show only in the CCA and managed to obtain national winners in the Persian; Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair.  We are now specializing in smoke bi-color and Pointed.

Hedwig's Painted Dove
Hedwig's Painted Dove
Calico Smoke
Exotic Shorthair


Cattery:  Horatio

Location:  Italy

Name:  Albina Colella

Web Site:  Horatio

E-mail:  Albina



Cattery:  Hovestadt

Location:  Slovenia (Celje)

Name:  Tatjana Cuden

Web Site:  Hovestadt

E-mail:  Tatjana

Description:  Small cattery  since 1988 breeding bicolor, smoke and smoke bicolor persian cats, raised underfoot using only PKD negative tested cats. The cattery is CFA #186289 and FIFe registered.

GC Hovestadt's Night in White Satin
GC Hovestadt's Night in White Satin
Black Smoke
Photo © Chanan


CatteryHyms N Perrs     (CFA & TICA)

Location:  Canada (Alberta)

Name:  TaraLynn McKeigan

Web SiteHyms N Perrs


Description:  Hyms N Perrs takes Great Pride in our Persians. We Specialize in "Dilute Smokes" Working with Top Quality GC lines, to produce Top Quality Persians. We strive for Health, Purrsonality, Sound Structure, Show Confirmation, Pale Dilutes & Smokes with Gleaming White Undercoat. We believe in Quality not Quantity. All our babies are raised with Lots of Love.

Hyms N Perrs GoldCard
Hyms N Perrs GoldCard
Cream Shaded male


CatteryImagine Ltd Cattery    (CFA & ACFA)

Location:  USA (Kentucky)

Name:  Paul Sandel

Web SiteImagine Ltd Cattery


Description:  The main focus of Imagine Cattery is our Smoke Exotic Shorthairs. Our pedigrees feature many national winners, regional winners, and DM's. We are dedicated to promoting the Smoke Exotic Shorthairs and are happy to assist new Smoke enthusiasts in their endeavors!

CH Gabija of Imagine Ltd
CH Gabija Aurora of Imagine Ltd
Tortie Smoke female Exotic Shorthair


Cattery:  Jaquoi Persians    (CFA)

Location:  USA (California)

Name:  Bert C. Christensen

Web Site:  Jaqui Persians

E-mail:  Bert

Description:  I have a small cattery specializing in Smokes and Solids.

Tinafeld Laycee of Jaquoi
Photo © Chanan
GC, NW Tinafeld Laycee of Jaquoi
CFA's 25th Best Kitten.  2nd Best of Breed/Division Smoke or Shaded.  Best Black Smoke. 3rd Best Kitten and 10th Best Cat in the Northwest Region for 2007.


Cattery:  Jesanos Qtees    (CFA & TICA)

Location:  USA (Michigan)

Name:  Jennifer Maisano Moore

Web Site:  Jesanos Qtees

E-mail:  Jennifer

Description:  Jesanos is a small smoke and bi-color cattery with a few white too, we show CFA and TICA. We have Smoke Exotic Shorthairs too. Please go to our web site for more info. Dilute smokes coming!!

Grand Ch Just Plain Precious
Grand Ch Just Plain Precious
Tortie Smoke
Photo © Barb



Cattery:  Joleigh Persians

Location:  USA (St. Paul, Mn.)

Name:  Sue Bloomquist

Web Site:  Joleigh

E-mail:  Sue

Description:  CFA registered PKD tested and cattery of excellence. Specializing in smokes and tabbies other colors available.

No photo submitted


CatteryJust For Fun's

Location:  Germany

Name:  Frank and Anja Biller

Web SiteJust for Fun's

E-mailFrank and Anja

Description:  We breed Persian especially in Silver-Tabby, Silver-Tabby & White, Smoke, Smoke & White.

Just for fun's Shannyn-Kendra
Just For Fun's Shannyn-Kendra
7 month old Black Smoke & White


Cattery Kat-Knapurr Persians     (CFA)

Location:  USA  (Central California)

Name:  Kathleen Pearce

Web SiteKat-Knapurr Persians

E-mail Kathleen

Description:  I primarily breed tabby Persians but do get occassional solids, particolors, bi-colors and smokes.

GC Kat-Knapurr's Smoke Sig-Knal
GC Kat-Knapurr's Smoke Sig-Knal
Black Smoke female


CatteryKat-Uby Kats     (CFA)

Location:  USA  (Ellwood City, PA)

Name:  Carol Kotuby

Web SiteKat-Uby Kats

E-mail Carol

Description:  We have a small cage free (except for nursing mothers) cattery specializing in smokes and silver tabbys.  Soon we will be adding lilac and chocolate.

Black Smoke Male
Exotic Shorthair kitten at 6 weeks


Cattery:  Kikiland     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Weston, MA)

Name:  Jenny Freeman

Web Site:   Kikiland

E-mail:  Jenny

Description:  Kikiland Cats is a small, cageless cattery located in Weston, Massachusetts specifically committed to breeding smoke Persians. Starting out with an initial infatuation with the gorgeous black smokes, more recent additions have included two tortie smoke girls and one blue cream smoke girl. All our beautiful smokes are PKD negative by DNA testing.

CH Joleigh's Moon Rocket of Kikiland
CH Joleigh's Moon Rocket
of Kikiland
Photo © Chanan


Cattery:  Kis'Herbas     (CFA & FIFe)

Location:  Lithuania, Europe

Name:  Grazina Grigutiene

Web Site:  Kis' Herbas

E-mail:  Grazina

Description:  We are showing and breeding Tabbies, Smokes and Tabby/Whites Exotics and Persians since 1992. Using Top lines such as Bryn Mawr, Becton, Bocasana,Yquem, Joleigh, South Paw... CFA and FIFe reg. cattery. Our kittens are home raised and never caged. Welcome to visit our "cat family"!

Lucy Charm Klaudia
Lucy Charm Klaudia
Black Smoke Exotic Female


Cattery:  Konfettikat     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Utah)

Name:  Dawna and Gerald Roskelley

Web Site:  Konfettikat

E-mail:  D & G Roskelley

Description:  Description:  We raise smokes, bi colors and smoke bi colors (my personal favorite).  Our cattery is registered with CFA. We have a
small cattery where the cats get plenty of personal attention and loving care. Visit our web site to see what we have and what we have sold to good people around the world.

pheyes.jpg (6667 bytes)
CFA GC Konfettikat
Smoke Gets In My Eyes
Cream smoke and white male
Photo © Chanan


Cattery:  Korban Persians

Location:  Brasil

Name: Miguel Di Camillo Junior

Web Site:  Korban Persians

E-mail:  Miguel

Description:  Little cattery in Brasil, working with the best American pedigrees in Calicos, Bi-Colors, Vans and now with "Smokes", Bi-Colors 'Smokes', Calicos "Smokes" and Smokes "Vans".

Joleigh's Ms. Print of Korban
Joleigh's Ms. Print of Korban
Black Smoke & White Female


CatteryKyaleen Persians     (CFA)

Location:  Canada  (Ontario)

Name:  Kathleen Martin

Web SiteKyaleen Persians

E-mail Kathleen

Description:  I have been breeding Persians for more than 20 years. I have produced many Regional Winning cats and kittens and have shipped babies worldwide to loving show homes. I am currently working with the bloodlines of Ronlyn / Marhei / Candirand / Harwood / Cattrax / Mossrose / Capadicapi / Dearborn etc. I give a Genetic Health Guarantee with all my cats and at the moment I am striving to also produce Bi-Color Smokes in all colors.

Bailie’s Brandy Alexander of Kyaleen
Bailie’s Brandy Alexander of Kyaleen
(Cream Smoke and White)


CatteryKälltorpet's     (IDP)

Location:  Sweden (Falun)

Name:  Lena Fritz

Web Site Källtorpets

E-mail Lena

Description:  I lived in Falun a small town in the middle of Sweden. I have a small cattery, breeding smokes, but also silvertabbys and solids. My cattery is PKD-tested and I only breed negative cats. My goal is to breed persians with a sweet open expression and with a nice temperament.

Källtorpet's Bill
Källtorpet's Bill
Red Smoke Male


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