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Smoke Persian Breeders

World wide listing, by cattery name

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Cattery:  Lanleya, chatterie de

Location:  France

Name:  Isabelle Cabon

Web Site:  Lanleya

E-mail:  Isabelle

Argane de la Blanche Hermine
Argane de la Blanche Hermine
Tortie Smoke


Cattery:  Lapchums

Location:  Australia (Sidney)

Name:  Lorraine Smith

Web Site:  Lapchums

E-mail:  Lorraine

Description:  Breeding quality smoke kittens and cats from well established Australian smoke lines. Also successfully breeding for Tabby and Bi Colour Persians and Exotics from International and Australasian Pedigrees.  All breeding cats are scanned PKD Negative. Drop by and pay us a visit.

GR CH Richmaure Nota Bene
GR CH Richmaure Nota Bene
Black Smoke Persian Male


Cattery:  LaReina       (CFA)

Location:  USA (Blue Springs, Missouri)

Name:  Mary Jarboe

Web Site 1:  LaReina
Web Site 2:  LaReina2

E-mail:  Mary

Description:  I breed Smokes and Bi-Colors, I like both equally. There are also Tabbies OCC. I am currently registering with CFA and TICA. I look for type along with a loving personality! Come by and visit us.

Hyms N Perrs Demands Attention of LaReina
Hyms N Perrs Demands
Attention of LaReina
Tortie Smoke
Photo © Jim


Cattery Lascher     (CFA)

Location:  USA (La.)

Name:  Scherry Landry

Web Site Lascher


Description:  I started breeding Blue-Smokes in 1980. My Cattery was registered with CFA in 1982. My love for smokes has continued and I enjoy showing all the Smoke colors including Cameo. I breed for quality and meeting the CFA standard as well as for good health and a sweet personality. We also have solids.

CH RW Lascher Brigitte
CH RW Lascher Brigitte
Smoke Tortie

Best Of Breed Tortoiseshell Smoke and Shaded Persian
Gulf Shore Region, 2001-2002


Cattery:  La Tacita de Plata     (FIFe)

Location:  Spain

Name:   Miriam & Natan

Web Site:  La Tacita de Plata

E-mail:  Miriam

Description:  Small cattery - Persian and exotic, bi-color, solids to and smoke!

CH Bad Morrong Bonifacio de La Tacita de Plata
CH Bad Morrong Bonifacio
de La Tacita de Plata
Black Smoke male


Cattery:  Liberty Persians     

Location:  Australia (Victoria)

Name:  J and B Russell

Web Site:  ---

E-mail:  J and B Russell

Description:  Breeding Solids and smokes to the standard of excellence.

Martes Penny Lane
Martes Penny Lane
Blue-Cream Smoke


Cattery Linnel Persians & Exotics    (GCCF)

Location:  England (Sheffield, South Yorkshire)

Name:  Linda Dutton

Web Site Linnel


Description:  Persian & Exotics specialising in smoke& cameo with the occasional associated self. We are a small select cattery in the North of England breeding only from FAB registered PKD negative cats. Aiming for health, type & good temperament. We also breed patched cats. Next stop smoke with white. You are welcome to visit our web site.

Ch Linnel An Angelcalled
Ch Linnel An Angel
Tortie Smoke female


Cattery:  Live Toy    (CFA)

Location:  Russia (Novosibirsk)

Name:  Olga Firsova

Web Site:  Live Toy

E-mail:  Olga

Description:  We breed Exotics and Persians. We specialize in smokes and tabbies. CFA registered cattery.

CH Silverheart Padisha Pasha of Live Toy
CH Silverheart Padisha Pasha of Live Toy
Black Smoke Exotic Male


Cattery:  Logstroms Exotic Persian   (CFA & ACFA)

Location:  USA (Yakima Wa.)

Name:  Debbie Logstrom

Web Site:  Logstroms Exotic Persians

E-mail:  Debbie

Description:  Featuring ACFA Grand Champion 
Jadas Moosechild Bullwinkle of Logstroms. We offer wonderful babies at a resonable price. We have Black Smokes, Shaded Silvers, Classic Tabby's, Mackeral Tabby's, Cream Tabby's, Blue Smokes, Whites and Calicos!

Moosechild Bullwinkle
Black Smoke Exotic Male


Cattery Lovely Cat     (FIFe & Loof.)

Location:  France

Name:  Peggy & Alexandre Placidi

E-mailPeggy & Alexandre

Web Site Lovely Cat

Description:  We have a small cattery, no caged cattery, specialising in cameos and smokes. All cats are PKD tested negative.

Fairy 4 U Cotton Candy
Fairy 4 U Cotton Candy of Lovely Cat
Red Smoke male kitten


Cattery LTD. Choice     (CFA/CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Marion Stock

Web Site:   LTD. Choice

E-mail: Marion

Description:  I've been breeding Persians in smoke and solid since 1989. In the year 2000 I became fond of breeding Exotics in tabby and silver-tabby. My cats live free with me in my house and are not kept in cages. They are all PKD-negative tested cats.

LTD. Choice Celebration
Blue-Silver Tabby Blotched.


Cattery:  Luna-Star

Location:  Germany

Name:  Angela Stöltzel

Web Site:  Luna-Star

E-mail:  Angela

Description:  We are a small cattery and our cats are living with us as family members. Our goal is to breed healthy cats with a great personality. Kittens are raised underfoot only to non-caged catteries. All our cats are PKD tested.

Fairy 4 U Lovebug of Luna-Star
Black Smoke


Catter:   Magnika Smokes   (FCCQ, Australia)

Location:  Australia  (Brisbane)

Name:  Ria Bakkers

Web Site Magnika Smokes


Description:   Magnika is a small non caged cattery breeding for quality, healthy smoke persians of exquisit temperament and free of PKD positive parents.  There are no known PKD positive cats in our breeding program.  Breeding in all colours including black, blue, chocolate, lilac, tortie, red and cream smokes.



Cattery:  Maryhill     (CFA)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Axel B. Fiedler

Web Site Maryhill


Description:  I love smoke persians since the end of 70's. My dream is to breed persians in the absolutely rare colour chocolate-smoke. All my cats are family raised and of course are PKD negative! The Maryhill persians are a combination of the lines Tyland, Marhei, Bar-B, Midas and Palmetto.

Estagel's Heavens's Wonder
  Estagel's Heaven's Wonder
Black Smoke female
  at 5 months of age


Cattery Midlander    (GCCF)

Location:  England  (Notts)

Name:  Sue Whitney

Web SiteMidlander

E-mail Sue

Description:  A small cattery breeding only with fab scanned pkd negative cats in smoke & self, all kittens are raised under foot where they get plenty of tlc, we think health & temperament are very important.

Midlander Lookwhostalkin
Midlander Lookwhostalkin
Black smoke male @ 6wk


Cattery Muste Cats     (FIFe & CFA)

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Name:  Nuria Muste

Web SiteMuste Cats


Description:  Small cattery, I breed Smoke and Solid Persians in Barcelona (Spain).

Black Smoke kitten
Black Smoke kitten


Cattery:   My Fantasy     (CFA)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Anja Grossmann

Web Site:  My Fantasy

E-mail:  Anja

Descripition:  I have a small cattery and I am breeding since 1992 specialising in cameos and smokes in North-Germany. All cats are PKD tested negative.

CH My Fantasy's Jerome
CH My Fantasy's Jerome
Cream Smoke male


Cattery:   My Label     (CFA & CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Ingeborg and Jessica Paulat

Web Site:   My Label

E-mail:  Ingeborg and Jessica

Descripition:  My Label decided to aim to breed quality not quantity. Typically our kittens come in the colours of smoke, solid and tabby, cameo and silver tabby. They have cute dolls faces with large eyes, they have strong legs with large paws, we aim for cats with gentle characters and high quality fur. Our cats have vitality and are given the highest quality healthcare and nutriton. Our animals are tested for FeLV and FIV, are tested for PKD negativ with the Genetic Test, and given regular vetinary checks and shots. We seek to maintain a high standard. We do not keep our animals in cages and we do not "Mass produce" them, we do not support such treatment. We sell our kittens once they are older than 16 weeks, but only to genuine cat lovers or accredited breeders. We are members of the CFG and our cattery is of course registered with the CFA.

My Label's Try To Resist My Poison
My Label's
Try To Resist My Poison
Black Smoke


Cattery Mystere Persians     (FIFe & TICA)

Location:  United Kingdom

Name:  Diane Hunt

Web SiteMystere Persians


Descripition:  Mystere Persians is a PKD DNA negative cattery.

QGC (RW) Mystere Springtime In Paris
QGC (RW) Mystere Springtime In Paris


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