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Smoke Persian Breeders

World wide listing, by cattery name

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By Breeder Name

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Cattery:  vom Semberg

Location:  Germany (Herdecke)

Name:  Elke Neumann

Web Site:  vom Semberg

E-mail:  Elke

Description:  We are a small, no caged cattery. PKD negative.

Abby vom Semberg
Abby vom Semberg
Tortie Smoke


Cattery:  Sequoyahs Persians    (FIFe)

Location:  Sweden (close to Stockholm)

Name:  Marie Thiers

Web Site:  Sequoyahs

E-mail:  Marie

Description: Sequoyahs is a FIFe-registered cattery,  breeding Smoke & Solid Persians, with much love and devotion. We are a non-caged cattery, and we are breeding only from PKD-negative tested cats. The kittens/cats we send to new homes are meant to live a non-caged family life.

Sequoyahs Tomahawk Angelo, Red Smoke male kitten
Sequoyahs Tomahawk Angelo
Red Smoke Kitten, Male


Cattery Shadowdream     (GCCF)

Location:  United Kingdom (Northumberland)

Name:  Louise Kilburn

Web SiteShadowdream


Description: We specialize in smoke persians and associated self colours, working with old English lines and some international. The health and well being of my cats is of upmost importance to me and they are all PKD tested and have the free run of our home. We do not sell to caged catteries. Vets references are required.

CH Pannonius Notorius
CH Pannonius Notorius
Black Smoke


Cattery Shantikattens     (FIFe)

Location:  Sweden  (Stora)

Name:  Anneli Ståhls

Web SiteShantikattens


Description:  Breeding smokes, solids and bicolors.

Shantikattens Destiny
Shantikattens Destiny
Tortie Smoke


Cattery Sharde     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Huron, SD)

Name:  Sharon Determan

Web SiteSharde


Description:  CFA registered cattery. We only breed cats that have tested PKD neg. Specilize in solid, tabby and smoke.

GC Joleigh's Satin Star of Sharde
GC Joleigh's Satin Star of Sharde
Black Smoke female


Cattery Silverdance     (CFA & CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Simone Mader

Web SiteSilverdance


Description:  Small cattery with no cages, in Germany. All cats are family members. I breed Persians in the colors Cameo and Smoke. My cats are all PKD DNA-tested negative, and CFA registered.

My Fantasy´s Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance
CFA Ch. & Eu.Ch.
My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation
of Silverdance


Cattery Silverflash    (CFA & CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Gabriele Lunzner

Web Site Silverflash


Description:  Small CFA and CFG registered cattery located in the South of Germany. We are breeding in Cameo, Smoke & Solid Persians since 1998. All our cats are tested FeLV,FIP and PKD.

Pink Fantasy Tresor
Pink Fantasy Tresor
Shaded Cameo Male


CatterySiriuksen    (FIFe)

Location:  Finland (Tampere)

Name:  Satu Hämäläinen & Marika Nyström

Web SiteSiriuksen

E-mailSatu & Marika

Description:  We are a small cattery, we breed smokes, silver tabbies, tabbies and solids. We don't cage our cats (but at shows). Our cats are tested for FeLV, FIV, PKD, microsporum canis & bloodgroup, they are FIFe registered. Kittens are delivered at min. 12 weeks of age and vaccinated twice before that.

GIC Siriuksen Evok
GIC Siriuksen Evok
Black Smoke Female


CatterySoestHill     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Rolla, MO)

Name:  D. Ray and Anne Edwards

Web SiteSoestHill

E-mail Anne

Description:  We are a small cattery in the middle of Missouri, which is in the middle of the USA.  We specialize in Smoke Persians, but we occasionally have Tabbies, Solids and Bi-Colors.  I am in the process of updating our web site with pictures of some of our Grands, both past and present.  We are also involved in the fancy by helping CFA Clubs put on their shows. http://www.dreamEware.com

GC, RW Windpeg's Walter of SoestHill
GC, RW Windpeg's Walter
of SoestHill

Black Smoke male

CFA 1998-99: Best Shaded & Smoke Persian
CFA 1998-99: Best Black Smoke Persian
MWR 1998-99: 5th Best Cat
MWR 1998-99: Best Shaded & Smoke Persian
MWR 1998-99: Best Black Smoke Persian
MWR 1997-98: 7th Best Kitten
MWR 1997-98: 2nd Best Shaded & Smoke Persian
MWR 1997-98: Best Black Smoke Persian


CatteryStarshineCastle (FIFe) & Starcastle (CFA)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Ellen & Achim Knoebl

Web Site StarshineCastle - Starcastle

E-mailEllen & Achim

Description:  Small cattery with no cages, in Germany. All cats are family members. I breed Persians in the colors smoke, solid and bicolor(-smoke). My cats are all FIV/FELV and PKD DNA-tested negative. We are FIFE and CFA registered.

Silverdance Diamond In Blue, Blue Smoke female at 5 months of age
Silverdance Diamond In Blue
Blue-Smoke female, 5 months old


Cattery:  Sunlit     (CFA)

Location:  USA

Name:  Karen Greenman

Web Site:  Sunlit

E-mail:  Karen

Description:  I have a small cattery of exclusively Smoke and Shaded Persians. I have all smoke colors and will be having a few smoke bi-colors as well as our beloved cameos in the near future. I have tried to obtain the best possible cats for my foundation. I nurture them, feed them well, and give them a life as stress free as possible. They have access to enclosed outdoor runs where they can get fresh air in the warm months. Kittens are available occasionally to responsible breeders and although I generally neuter and spay my adults, I sometimes have an adult available to a non-caged environment.

Sunlit Walking In Sunshine of FAIRY 4 U
CH Sunlit Walking In Sunshine of Fairy 4 U
Cream Smoke male at 6 months


CatteryTellsvalley Persians     (FIFe)

Location:  Switzerland

Name:  Josef Kempf & Lydia Fedier

Web SiteTellsvalley

E-mailKempf & Fedier

Description:  We're a small non caged cattery located in Switzerland breeding Smokes, Solids and Tabbys. We're FiFe Member and all our cats are CFA registered. PKD negative tested cattery.

GC Dream-of-Glory's Rainbowcolors on Ice
GC Dream-of-Glory's
Rainbowcolors on Ice
Tortie Smoke


CatteryTenra   (FIFe)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Britta Busse

WebSite: Tenra

E-mailBritta Busse

Description: I'm breeding Persians since 1988. I take part at the Smoke world since 1993 as I had the great honour as the leader of the FIFe recognition for the Silver Tabby & White as well as Smoke & White. Since then my prefered love of the Smokes are the Tortie Smokes- and Black Smoke & Whites.

Tenra's Fly On The Wings Of Love
Silver Tabby & White


Cattery Terra-Alta's Persium Cattery

Location:  Spain

Name:  Dr. Jaume Muntane Rius

WebSite: Terra-Alta's


Description: Breeding Perisans and Exotic Shorthairs - Smokes and direct carriers of the gen "I". Produced Shaded and Shell with copper eyes. Specializing in Chocolate Smoke and first to second line carriers. Free congenital illness.

Mr. Fitipaldi of Terra Alta
Mr. Fitipaldi of Terra Alta


Cattery:  Tinafeld     (CFA)

Location:  Germany (Oldenburg)

Name:  Gudrun & Bernhard Neemann

Web Site:  Tinafeld

E-mail:  Gudrun & Bernhard

Description:  We are living in the north of Germany. We breed smoke Persian since 1985. Our cattery is PKD-tested and all our cats live with us (no cages).

Now we are proud to get our first litter of kittens with smoke-white. Please visit our homepage for more information and feel free to contact us! Greetings Gudrun & Bernhard Neemann

GC, DW Tinafeld´s Eddy Irvine
GC, DW Tinafeld´s Eddy Irvine
Black Smoke Male
Photo © Chanan


CatteryTTCAZ     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Lanai City, Hawaii)

Name:  Augie Figuerres

E-mail:   Augie


Description:  Breeding for healthy, loving, show quality Persians & Exotic Shorthairs. Specializing in smokes, tabbies and bicolors. CFA registered, PKD negative cattery.

CH Blackice Portia of TTCAZ
CH Blackice Portia of TTCAZ
Black Smoke Female


CatteryVanleigh Persians     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Florida)

Name:  Missy Osivand

E-mail:   Missy

Web SiteVanleigh

Description:  Welcome to Vanleigh Persians, CFA, Located in USA, Florida  I have smokes. My favorite colors in smokes are black smokes and Cameos, I have silvers as well, who I have just started to cross into my smoke lines to get my cameos going, so far I have kept the little boy shared in the picture

Vanleigh Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Vanleigh Kitty Kitty Bang Bang


Cattery:  Vita-Nova

Location:  Russia (Moscow)

Name:  Galina Dmitrieva

Web Site:   VitaNova

E-mail:  Galina

Description:  We breed exotics of silver tabby, tabby, solid, smoke and also white color. All our exotics are imported from BECTON, KIKICAT, PATINA catteries.

GC Massar's Godfather of Vita-Nova
GC Massar's Godfather
of Vita-Nova
Silver Tabby Exotic


CatteryWell-Done     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Anne Marie Andersen

Web SiteWell-Done

E-mail Anne Marie

Description:  Well-Done is a small serious, approved cattery with no cages. I mostly breed Smokes, but also a few Silver Tabbies and Solids appear now and then. My main goal is to breed healthy kittens with a nice open expression.

Black Smoke male kittens