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Blue Smoke Kittens

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Joleigh Crystal Ice of Hyms N Perrs Joleigh Crystal Ice of Hyms N Perrs

Female at 4½ months

Breeder Sue Bloomquist, USA

Owner TaraLynn McKeigan, Canada


FIFe IC Planika Kerubin at Cat's Lover

Male kitten at 7 months

Breeder Alenka Unk, Slovenia

Owner Placido Rodriguez Garcia, Spain

In FIFe Kerubin was best Slovenian kitten
6-10 months in 1997.

FIFe IC Planika Kerubin at Cat's Lover


Sequoyahs Gidi Zerjosha Sequoyahs Gidi Zerjosha

Male kitten at 5 weeks of age

Breeder Marie Thiers, Sweden

Owner Lena Bodrikow, Sweden

Avomlie Avalon

Male kitten at 12 weeks of age

Breeder & owner
Julie Sapak, England

Avomlie Avalon

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