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Smoke Persian Breeders, worldwide

World wide breeder listing, by cattery name

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Cattery Abundanza     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Stockton, California)

Name:  Julie Jackson

Web SiteAbundanza

E-mailJulie Jackson

Description:  We are working with Joleigh, Redsky, and Tuffton lines to create our own beautiful kittens, working to produce black smoke/white and also tabby and white bi/color kittens.

GC Tufftons Shaboom of Abundanza & GC Tufftons Miss Priss of Abundanza
GC Tufftons Shaboom of Abundanza
Black Smoke female
 GC Tufftons Miss Priss of Abundanza
Brown Classic Tabby female
Photo © DB Photography


Cattery Almathea     (FIFe)

Location:  Poland

Name:  Aneta Makowska

Web SiteAlmathea

E-mailAneta Makowska

Description:  Small cattery in south region of Poland, placed in Silesia's capital, specialising in smokes and solids, breeding only pure persians, registering and showing in FIFe.

FIFe IC, CFA CH Palmetto Chianti of Almathea and FIFe IC My Fantasy's Lamborghini of Almathea
FIFe IC, CFA CH Palmetto Chianti
of Almathea

(Black Smoke male)

FIFe IC My Fantasy's Lamborghini
of Almathea

(Cream female)


Cattery:  Antonina's-E     (FIFe)

Location:  Spain  (Adeje, Tenerife)

Name:  Nina Kauko 

Web Site:   Antonina's-E

E-mail:  Nina Kauko

Description:  Small cattery on the Canary Islands breeding Persians & Exotics,  smokes, solids and silver tabbys with or whitout white!

Andromeda de Antonina's-E
Andromeda de Antonina's-E
Calico Smoke Persian (ELH)
© Esteban Garcia


Cattery:  A Catburry

Location:  Austria (Graz)

Name:  Rosmarie Schnuerch 

Web Site:   A Catburry

E-mail:  Rosmarie Schnuerch

Description:  Breeding smokes and cameos since 1984.

EC WW A Catburry's Give Me More, red-shaded cameo
EC & WW A Catburry's Give Me More
Red Shaded Cameo
European Champion & World Winner
& CFA's second best
Shaded Cameo the show season 1999
Photo © Chanan


Cattery Armani Cattery  (Queensland Feline Assoc.)

Location:  Australia  (Brisbane)

Name:  Phillip Harris

Web SiteArmani

E-mailPhillip Harris

Description:  Home of QFA kitten of the year 2001 and Queensland exotic of the year 2001. Supreme overall exhibit in Sydney Exotic, Himalayan and Ku-Ring-Gai show July 2002. Breeder of Smoke, bi-colours, Tabby Persian and exotics. Lines such as Bolo, Rubyrose,  Bocasana's, and proven Australian lines.

Armani Melody
Armani Melody
Tortie Smoke & White


Cattery:  Arrow Lakes Persians     (CFA)

Location:  Canada (British Columbia)

Name:  Joyce Maloff

Web Site: 
Arrow Lakes

E-mail:  Joyce

Description:  I get a lot of pleasure from breeding and showing smokes.  As I only have a few cats they run free in my home. My goal is to raise friendly loving kittens as they are pets first and show kitties second.  All my cats or their parents have tested negative for PKD.

CH Arrow Lakes Glistening Star
CH Arrow Lakes Glistening Star
Smoke Female
8 months old
Photo © Chanan


Cattery A Vinequarters     (FIFe)

Location:  Austria (Dobermannsdorf)

Name:  Kurt Summer

Web Site:  --

E-mailKurt Summer

Description:  I breed smoke persians in my in north/east Austria located FIFe-registered cattery.

A Vinequarters Alina
A Vinequarters Alina
Blue-Cream Smoke


Cattery:  Avomlie Persians     (GCCF)

Location:  England (Somerset)

Name:  Julie Sapak

Web Site:  Avomlie

E-mail:  Julie Sapak

Description:  We breed persians in most colours, including smokes and chocolate series.

Countrygirl Charlotte
Countrygirl Charlotte
Black Smoke


Cattery Baltic Bay     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Leni Lundsgaard

Web SiteBaltic Bay

E-mail Leni

Description:  Small cattery with no cages, in Denmark. All cats are family members. I breed Persians in the colors smoke, solid, tabby and bicolor. My cats are all PKD DNA-tested negative, and FIFE registered.

Silverdance Coco Chanel
Silverdance Coco Chanel
Black Smoke female at 10 months of age


Cattery Bailie's Persians     (CFA)

Location:  Canada  (Ontario)

Name:  Jane Tickner

Web SiteBailie's Persians

E-mailJane Tickner

Description:  Breeding Persians for the past ten years and now specializing in Smokes from CFA National and Regional winning bloodlines, including Ronlyn / Marhei / Candirand / Kyaleen / Cattrax and Mossrose. The health and Purrsonality of my babies is of the utmost importance to me and all my babies have a Genetic Health Guarantee !


Cattery Baloghshof     (CFA)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Monika Balogh

Web SiteBalogshof

E-mailMonika Balogh

Description:  Small, non-caged cattery since 1977. Exclusively CFA-registered and certified PKD-negative. We're breeding persians in solid, tabby and smoke.

CH Baloghshof Madam Lafume
CH Baloghshof Madam Lafume
Black Smoke Female


Cattery:  BelCats Persians     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Melbourne, Florida)

Name:  Diana & Bob Belfatto

Web Site:  BelCats

E-mail Diana Belfatto

Description:  Bob & I have been breeding for about 12 years.  About 5 years ago we accidently bred a smoke Persion while trying to breed silver tabbies.  He show us the exciting world of smoke Persians.  His name is GC Belcats Silouhette.  I am presently exhibiting his granddaughter, CH Belcats Charade, and show her litter brother to his Grand, and Cameo tabby.

GC BW RW Belcats Wh'r Th'rs Smoke Th'rs Fire
GC BW RW Belcats
Wh'r Th'rs Smoke Th'rs Fire
 Tortie Smoke
Photo © Chanan


Cattery Bienvenu-Cats     (CFA & CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Dörthe Adolf

Web SiteBienvenu-Cats

E-mailDörthe Adolf

Description:  Small, non caged Persian- and Exotic-Cattery in all Tabby colors, specially Silver Tabbies and Smokes, also with white. PKD negative. Lines: Kikicat, Jovan, Bolo, Colesco, Paquita... All my cats handled with love and care, kittens are raised underfoot.

Bienvenu Isobel
Bienvenu Isobel
Black Smoke Van


Cattery:  Bjönnåsen's      (FIFe & CFA)

Location:  Norway

Name:  Alfrida & Evy Kjernsli

Web Site:  Bjönnåsen's

E-mail:  Alfrida & Evy Kjernsli

Description: I have a small cattery, breeding mostly smokes, but also some solids, with or without white. My goal is to breed healthy cats, with heavy boning, and a big open expression. I only breed on PKD-negative cats, and I have no cages in my cattery. 

Bjønnåsen's E-Mail
Bjønnåsen's E-Mail
Red Smoke Male
© Chanan


Cattery:  BlackIce     (CFA)

Location:  USA  (California)

Name:  Margaret Drake

Web SiteBlackIce

E-mailMargaret Drake

Description:  Small cattery specializing in smokes with occasional silver tabby

GC BlackIce Portia
GC BlackIce Portia
Photo © Chanan


Cattery Blackkats     (CFA)

Location:  USA  (Anderson, Indiana)

Name:  Carla J. Epperson

Web Site:  None yet

E-mailCarla J. Epperson

Description:  I am working with some beautiful black smokes but will be adding blue smokes this winter.  We also have some solids, shaded, torties and tabbies.  We are a cageless cattery.  All cats and kittens are raised underfoot.

No photo submitted


Cattery:  Bodego Bay     (CFA)

Location:  Kauai Hawaii

Name:  Bob Revels

Web Site:  No web site

E-mailBobb Revels

Description:  Small cattery with a nice typey blue smoke bi colour and shaded toritie  and black smoke exotic short hair females.  Will be using a blue sliver tabby male next year in my breeding.

No photo submitted by this breeder


Cattery:  By Fate     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Lenette and Jacob Nielsen

Web Site:   By Fate

E-mailLenette Nielsen

Description:  We are a small cattery, breeding Smoke Persians since 1993. In the future we will also breed Silver Tabby - with and without white. We breed with lines from Kikicat and Athelstones. Only breed PKD-negative cats. No cats in cages.

Rhapsodie on Ice By Fate & Pretty Belinda By Fate
Rhapsodie on Ice By Fate 
& Pretty Belinda By Fate
Black Smoke Female Kittens


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